Third unit of Mettur Thermal Power Plant sets record

Third unit of Mettur Thermal Power Plant 

sets record

SALEM: The third unit of the Mettur Thermal Power Plant (MTPP) set a record on Monday after 
running continuously for 312 days. The unit had been running continuously since December 12, 
2013 and produced 210 megawatt (MW) power per day. 

Officials of the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) felicitated all 
the employees at the MTPP for running the third unit without any technical fault. 

Most of the times, power production in any one of the MTPP unit would be stopped due to a 
technical snag. Sometimes, the production would be affected due to low availability of coal blocks. 
"Amidst plenty of issues, we have been running the third unit continuously for 312 days," 
the engineer said. 

The previous record was set by the fourth unit of the MTPP by functioning continuously 
for 311 days.