Wind Tariff order 2018 - Tamil Nadu

Key Factors of the Wind Tariff Order 2018  in Tamilnadu

 Banking Charges: Banking facility for 12 months from April to March with time block-wise adjustments on the implementation of DSM regulations and banking charges of 14% in kind and purchase of unutilized energy at the end of the year.

 OPEN ACCESS CHARGES: Commission proposes the transmission, wheeling and scheduling and system operation charges at 50% of that application for conventional power as notified by the Commission from time to time. In respect of the WEGs availing Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), 100% of the respective charges as specified in the relevant orders shall apply.

 CROSS SUBSIDY CHARGES: The Commission in its tariff orders related to different renewable power, has ordered to levy 50% of the cross-subsidy surcharge for third-party open access consumers. Wind energy being in a position to compete with conventional power sources, the Commission proposes a levy of 60% of cross-subsidy surcharge of that applicable to conventional power.