Biomass Energy

Biomass is organic material of recent origin that can be used as a source of energy. It generally includes crops and other plants, as well as agricultural, forest, sawdust and agro-industrial waste. Electricity produced as a result of utilizing surplus biomass sources into energy is considered biomass power.

Generating power through the use of biomass represents the cost-effective and cleanest way to provide renewable electricity in biomass potential regions with high levels of biomass resources and its processing activity. 

Electricity produced from biomass is considered to be carbon neutral and therefore helps to combat global warming. The CO2 that the facility will release would have been produced as the plants and trees naturally decomposed in the forest without the benefit of electricity production.

With high oil price, increased competition among equipments suppliers, and with CDM revenue, preferential tariff, Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) and Renewable Energy Certificates biomass projects are an attractive investment option.