Group Captive Power Suppliers in Tamilnadu

Shakthi Power is one of the leading group captive power suppliers in Tamil Nadu, We supplying power from Wind, Solar, and Thermal Power through Group Captive mode. We can able to supply group captive power to any HT consumer (High Tension) using HT connection across Tamilnadu.

What is a Group Captive Power Scheme?

Group Captive Power Scheme in India was introduced in 2005. A group captive scheme is where someone develops a power plant for collective usage of many commercial consumers. The developer should have at least 26% of the equity and has to consume at least 51% of the power produced. The term “captive power scheme” was introduced in the Electricity Rule, 1995.

The picture below describes how a group captive power scheme will work

Advantages of Group Captive Scheme

Cheaper Price: Industrial tariffs tend to be higher and it effects the profit maximization. This                           way, industries will get cheaper rate.

Cross Subsidy: By section 42 of The Electricity Act, 2003 the consumers of captive power                              scheme are exempt from paying cross subsidy charges.

Power Cuts:  In case of a power cut, industrial consumers face heavy productivity losses                        leading to financial losses. Group captive scheme, circumvents this frustrating                        problem entirely.

State Utility: The consumers in the group captive scheme no longer need to worry about                            bureaucratic utilities.

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